Thursday, December 30, 2010

PC Gaming is DEAD!: December 29th, 2010

The live show is now scheduled for December 30th, 6 - 7pm PT, at

To easily see what time this is in your part of the world, go here:

  • The live podcast will start at about 6pm Pacific time.
  • We will draw the winner for the trivia contest ending that day.
  • One of the trivia contest games will be given away to a random attendee.
  • There will be a trivia contest taking place during the event and the winner can select one of the $5 Steam indie packs of their choice as a prize.
  • The final clue for the New Vegas puzzle will be given out at the end of the event, around 7pm.

Congratulations to Monolight on winning a copy of Lead and Gold in the Dec. 27th trivia contest.

Previous trivia question:
What game is BioShock the spiritual successor to?

System Shock 2 provided you with a large
variety of items.
Answer: The System Shock games by Looking Glass Studios & Irrational Games.

System Shock was released in 1994. It was one of the first FPS games to feature a true 3D environment. The player is a hacker that is on board a space station taken over by a hostile AI named SHODAN.

Although the game is considered innovative for the genre, System Shock was only a moderate success.

System Shock 2 came out in 1999 and was created by Looking Glass Studios and Irrational Games (an offshoot of Looking Glass that was founded by 3 ex-employees).

The System Shock games served as inspiration for many other great games, such as Deus Ex, BioShock. The character of GLaDOS in Portal was inspired, in part, by SHODAN.

Steam Sales:

Archon Classic is $2.50 (75% off).

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is $6.80 (66% off). Or $4.80 (76% off) if you own any of the Penumbra games.

The Ball
is $4.99 (75% off).

Swords and Soldiers HD is $2.50 (75% off).

Greed Corp is $2.50 (75% off).

Plants vs. Zombies: GOTY Edition is $4.00 (60% off).

The Quake Collection is $10.20 (66% off). Due to the fact that the collection lacks Quake 4, it's hard to recommend someone buy it. Especially when you can play Quake for free in your browser at

Dead Space is $6.80 (66% off).

City of Heroes: Going Rogue Complete Collection is $10.00 (75% off). This collection contains the full City of Heroes and City of Villians games as well as Going Rogue expansion pack.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is $4.99 (75% off).

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is $7.50 (75% off). Avoid this game!

Games for Windows daily deal:
Cubis Gold 2 is $4.99 (75% off).

You can play Cubis 2 for free at the MSN Gaming Zone.

Popcap has 50% off on all games except Bejeweled 3 and game bundles. Steam currently has a better deal on Plants vs Zombies, where it is currently 60% off Steam.


Stewart Gilray of Oddworld Inhabitants stated on the Steam forum that once the PS3 version of Stranger's Wrath is completed, they will be looking into bringing the updated graphics to the PC version.

Since December 22nd, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam has been having a competition between the different gaming platforms to unlock a 5th multiplayer map. Each platform needs to complete 69 million team actions to unlock the map. The results of this are interesting: the PC has almost double the team actions of the Xbox 360 and is currently only 5.5 million away from unlocking the map. Good job PC!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to us with your times and suggestions for the live show.

Send your trivia question responses to Today's contest closes on December 30th, at 6pm Pacific time, and the winner will be announced live on the stream at

Good luck!


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