Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PC Gaming is DEAD!: December 27th, 2010

Hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.

Congratulations to Edpeterson1 on winning a copy of NyxQuest in the December 23rd trivia contest!
Stalin was leader of Russia for thousands of years.

Yesterday's trivia question:
Although it was not the first 4X game, which game is credited for popularizing the genre and influencing it so much with its level of detail that it is now a staple of the genre?

Answer: Civilization, by MicroProse.

4X video games have been around since 1983, but the term was not used until 1993 when Alan Emrich was talking about Master of Orion, another MicroProse game. Although the genre has been around this long it did not become what it is today until Civilization.

Sid Meier was not the first person to attempt a video game version of the board game Civilization. Danielle Bunten Berry attempted it in 1983 and Don Daglow in 1987, but Meier was the first one to finish it in 1991.

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The Humble Indie Bundle #2 has ended and made a total of: $1,823,381.62


Inspired by this discussion on Slash Dot, we discuss whether "pay what you want" is a practical business model for game developers to use on a regular basis.

We give some more details on the puzzle to win Fallout: New Vegas.

The final clue will be given on a live show. Write to us at PCGamingisDead@gmail.com and let us know what time is best for you.

Send your responses to today's trivia question to the same address. The contest closes on December 28th at 6pm PT.