Saturday, December 25, 2010

PC Gaming is DEAD!: December 24th, 2010

Congratulations to Nabeelburney on winning the trivia contest for December 22nd and receiving a copy of Defense Grid: The Awakening.

Yesterday's trivia question:
What genre defining game series was inspired by the level editor for Raid on Bungeling Bay?

SimCity had several realistic scenarios to play,
including Godzilla attacking Japan.
Answer: SimCity by Maxis.

While he was working on his first game, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Will Wright found that he had more fun using the level editor of his game than actually playing the game itself, and this inspired his creation of SimCity.
Will Wright had a difficult time getting publishers to accept the idea of a game that was not "winnable." Finally, Jeff Braun of Maxis decided to publish the game as one of the initial games for the company. SimCity was a hit and created a new genre: City-building games

Will Wright showed that a game doesn't need to be about winning or losing to be fun, and that games can be about creating and managing things. He also showed how games can teach people things in an intuitive way.

Micropolis is a free, open-source game based upon the source code for SimCity.

Steam Daily Deals:

Indie: Tommy Tronic is $2.49 (-50%)

Several Borderlands titles are on sale:
Borderlands: $9.99 (-50%)
Borderlands DLC: $4.99 (-50%) - There are 4 DLCs.
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition $24.99 (-50%) - Save $5 over purchasing everything separately.

Fallout: New Vegas is $29.99 (-40%)
Torchlight is $4.99 (-75%)
Battlefield 2: Complete Collection is $4.99 (-50%)

Amazon's download store has 75% off of 191 PC games, including some notable titles, like Bioshock 2, Ghostbusters, Trine, Star Trek: Online, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Blade Kitten, Blood Bowl, and The Witcher.

Ubisoft has 33% off of PC games in their store. Some are downloadable, others aren't.

Telltale Games has 50% off of many of their titles, excluding recent releases Poker Night and Back to the Future: The Game.


Team Fortress 2 has a holiday special: double drop rate from Dec. 23rd-30th. Also, everyone gets a gift from Miss Pauling!

We discuss this article on the cancellation of the Wolfenstein mod, Superkommando Revolt, particularly Kotaku's role in stirring up controversy over a game that shouldn't have been controversial. Thanks to this Reddit thread for highlighting Kotaku's actions.

While on the subject of Kotaku, we discuss how they and other tabloid-like sites use sensational headlines to misrepresent stories of disturbed "gamers" committing violent acts, such as the recent case of a "gaming" and "internet addicted" woman killing her child, as reported in The Daily Mail.

Kotaku isn't the first site to post a headline that makes it sound as if gaming was connected to the violence, but it's particularly bad when an alleged gaming blog does this.

I'm not rewarding Kotaku's sensationalism by directing traffic to their site, so here's a Google cache of the article instead.

Bafflingly, EverQuest II adds a vampire race. Why? Should vampires be a "race" in a fantasy MMO?

Send your trivia contest responses to Today's contest closes at 6pm PT on December 25th.