Friday, December 24, 2010

PC Gaming is DEAD!: December 23rd, 2010

Congratulations to the winner of the December 21st contest, Marko, who won a copy of Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West on Steam.

Yesterday's trivia question:
Before The Sims became the best-selling game in 2002, what was the best selling PC game of all time?

The Answer: Myst by Cyan.

Inspired by The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, Myst was one of the games that pushed CD-ROM sales in the early 90's. The game used 2,500 images to create a world for the player to explore in first person.

RealMyst is a recreation of Myst set in a actual 3D world instead of using images. It is currently $2.99 (-50%) during Steam's holiday sale.

Myst was also adapted into a book series.

Selling 6 million copies, Myst was the best selling PC game of all time until The Sims. And it is still the best selling PC adventure game of all time. Although StarCraft did sell more copies than Myst over time, it did not before the The Sims came out, and The Sims still sold more than StarCraft.

Today's Steam news:
Back to the Future is on Steam today, with a 10% off sale, making it $22.49.

Steam's Daily Indie Deal:
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is $2.50 (-75%).

Other Deals:
Mass Effect is $9.99 (-50%)
Mass Effect 2 is $9.99 (-50%) - I don't recommend the digital deluxe, didn't really add anything worth the cost.
Wings of Prey is $6.00 (-80%)
Darksiders is $10.00 (-75%)
Alpha Protocol is $7.50 (-75%)
Blur is $14.99 (-50%)

Good Old Games is still having its sale, with 290 games (almost all of theirs) on sale.

GamersGate is on week 4 of its holiday sale, with over 500 games on sale right now.

Games for Windows is having a holiday sale on horror games.

Direct2Drive is having an Indie Game Sale.

Impulse has almost 300 games on sale until January 2nd.

An article on Ars Technica, "Low prices, low expectations?" brings up some good questions about whether low prices hurt indie games. We discuss pricing of games in general, and whether bringing down the price of PC games through digital distribution sales is a good thing.

Team Meat posted on their blog about upcoming plans for Super Meat Boy on PC, including a level editor and an innovative community portal.

A few people wrote in to tell us about Super Meat Boy adding the Goo Ball from World of Goo to the game. Unlock it by typing "ballgoo" on the character selection screen. Unfortunately, my contest that would have given a prize to someone for discovering this turned out to be invalid, because the Goo Ball was only recently added to Steam version of the game (it appears), and then the code to unlock it was announced, and not discovered. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, though.

On this subject, we discuss how the challenge of games in general has gone down, more games are giving "hand-holding" hints and walkthroughs, and how games no longer have difficult to unlock secrets anymore.

Send your trivia contest responses to Today's contest closes at 6pm PT on December 24th.