Thursday, December 23, 2010

PC Gaming is DEAD!: December 22nd, 2010

Congratulations to InvisibleMan for winning a copy of Defense Grid: The Awakening in the December 19th trivia contest.
Instead of typing in what you wanted to do,
you could click on it.  Revolutionary!

Thank you to Link777 for the gift!

Yesterday's trivia question:
What was the first adventure game to use SCUMM?

Answer: Maniac Mansion by Lucasfilm Games, now known as LucasArts.  Although it wasn't the first game made by Lucasfilm, it was the game that made them known as a creator of fine adventure games.

Maniac Mansion was the first game to be created using SCUMM, the Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. It was the game engine that LucasArts used for many of its adventure games after Maniac Mansion, and it's what turned adventure games into point and click adventure games.

The Humble Indie Bundle's special surprise: for those that donate more than whatever the current average donation is, you get the Humble Indie Bundle #1 included.

Steam keys for the Humble Indie Bundle #1 are limited to 150,000.

Steam's daily indie deal:
Clones for $2.50 (-75%)

Other notable deals today:
Railworks 2 for $6 (-85%)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for $14.99 (-50%)
Assassin's Creed 2 for $14.99 (-50%), and AC2 Deluxe Edition for $17.49 (-50%). If you already own Assassin's Creed, you get a bonus discount of -60% for either version.
Just Cause 2 for $7.50 (-75%).

Videos and details released today for The Sims Medieval.

Telltale has announced that Back to the Future is coming to Steam, sometime, they're working on it. It's currently available from Telltale's site, and only a trailer is available on Steam.

Apox, a post-acocalyptic RTS, is having an open beta. The game can be downloaded from Steam, and will release on January 6th.

Eric Ruth, the maker of the 8-bit NES DJ Hero game, released a trailer for an 8-Bit Halo game.

A company called Commodore USA has purchased the licensing rights to Commodore and Amiga computers, and is making new Commodore 64 shells that house PCs.

According to Microsoft, Microsoft is committed to making Windows 8 more PC-gaming centric in an attempt to make Windows relevant to PC gaming again. But Microsoft also said that they were focused on making the Xbox 360 the gaming platform of choice, so which Microsoft do we believe? Does one division know what the other is saying?

Send your trivia contest responses to Today's contest closes at 6pm PT, 2am GMT on December 23rd.


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