Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PC Gaming is DEAD!: December 1st (Inaugural Podcast)

Welcome to the first episode of the daily podcast, PC Gaming is DEAD!  Here are the topics covered:

Contest: We're giving away a game on Steam everyday.  Additionally, there will be a grand prize for the month: a copy of Fallout: New Vegas.  The Steam games given each day will be a random selection of one of the following:

How you can win one of these games:
  • Join the Charlaxian group on Steam.
  • Listen for the trivia question at the end of each day's podcast.
  • Send an email to with the answer in the subject line.
  • Include your Steam name in the body of the email.  You must belong to the Steam group.
  • Entries for that day close at 6PM Steam Time (PST), or 2AM GMT.
  • From those who answer correctly, one winner will be chosen randomly.
  • A game will be picked at random and sent to that day's winner.
Don't worry about receiving a game that you already own.  If you own the game that we pick, we will randomly select another game.

How to win a copy of Fallout: New Vegas:
  • Every podcast for the month will contain a clue for how to win.
  • Listen for the clue, and try to figure out the puzzle.
  • The first to solve it wins.
  • On December 30th we'll give the last clue at a certain time, so that everyone has a fair chance to be first.
The puzzle should be something that anyone can solve once they have all the clues.  Good luck!

The contests are completely free to listeners.  All we ask is that you tolerate the ads before the videos.  Our site is completely ad-supported so that everything will always be free to all visitors.  Ad revenue helps to make contests like this possible.  If we get a lot of listeners, it may be possible for us to continue having contests like this in the future.

Also, if you're interested in information on the games we're giving away, check out my articles on the following:
Fallout: New Vegas, Lead and Gold, and Trine.

Other topics discussed:
There's much more to come in the days ahead.  Thanks for listening!

Also, we want to give a big thank you to SynthR for the background music used in the podcast.  It's titled Nebulous (Ambient Variant).

P.S.  I know some people will want to just skip ahead in the podcast.  The secret for doing that on Blip is to play the ad and then pause and let the podcast preload, then click the spot you want to skip to.

The Personal Computer of 1975.

Update: Sorry about the wrong e-mail address.  It's fixed, but sending email to either one is fine.  I'll get it.

Episode 2: December 2nd, 2010


  1. Love the background music whit your voice. ;)

  2. where's the download link, or rss feed?

  3. soooo we are supposed to answer at or

  4. -- Sorry for the mistake in the link. And currently, there isn't a way to download the podcast, because the contest is supported by the ads on the Blip video.

  5. another q,when i press F5 i get to see the advertisement again,does that help this thingie keep rolling cuz if it does i can do it quite a lot while browsing the web,and it wont be a bother.

  6. That's nice of you to offer that, but I don't know that it makes a difference. The ads probably detect whether views are unique or repeated, and Blip probably only gives revenue for unique views.

    The best way to help would be to get the word out about the contest. Tell people you know, link to us on social media, etc. We don't want to force people to Tweet something to participate, but we do really appreciate your support.


  7. Hopefully roughly 30 minutes of my track on loop doesn't scare anyone away, haha.

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