Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Impressions: Gish

Gish is a happy fellow.
Gish (published by Cryptic Sea, available on Steam for PC; Mac and Linux versions available elsewhere) is full of oily, gelatinous, 2D side-scrolling, physics-based-gameplay goodness. You play as a ball of tar, named Gish, who must rescue his friend from another tar-creature. You bounce and slide and squish your way through 34+ levels of puzzles and fun. You start out navigating your way through a sewer while fighting giant, legged-mouths full of teeth. You collect "amber" (which we suspect isn't really amber), and bits of tar to add to your tar-ball. There is a mention of honey buckets. My companion says that it's all very disturbing.

I struggled with the controls, but loved this game for the dark style, shiny graphics, fun liquid physics, and the challenge of the puzzles. We give this one a rating of 600 pieces of honey bucket amber.

Gish is also available as a mobile game. And if you enjoy Gish, you might want to check out The Balls, a free game that I mention in the video, also developed by Cryptic Sea (here's their blog).

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